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Vanda Suavis

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Initially, in 1847, John Lindley, an English botanist, has described reliable nationals who gave the name of an orchid Vanda tricolor. A year later, in 1849, Lindley again describes a Vanda orchid is considered different from Vanda tricolor. Vanda was later described by Lindley as Vanda suavis. Some experts regard the white Vanda Spotted this reddish purple as one of the varieties of Vanda tricolor var suavis name Vanda tricolor, but those that are separated into distinct types of Vanda suavis. Suavis name meaning sweet or pleasant. The name was given because the flowers that have a shape, color and fragrance typical of the ’sweet’. However, for now Vanda tricolor var suavis name eventually became the official name of record at Kew Gardens.