About Us


The Pierce Archive

Art Sourcerer LLC and its branded collection, the “Pierce Archive,” is a new generation of Art Archive.  Our current “live” inventory exceeds 100,000 images.  In addition to this collection, another 500,000 images are waiting in our system to be cleaned and sized for the market.  We deal primarily in vintage art, pre-1950, but the collection extends well beyond including modern art. Image are sourced from museums, archives, and private collections and all paperwork has been completed to give the Pierce Archive all legal permissions.

Our image inventory contains a multitude of topics.  Categories include Fine Art, Cats, Japanese Prints, Pin-up girls, and old advertising.  If we do not have a topic or one wishes to see more, we can easily locate and acquire images to meet your needs.  Many of these images have never before been offered anywhere whereas others may be famous like Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Sam Wants You, or Van Gogh’s Vase with Sunflowers.

We provide images in a variety of formats.  One can order physical prints as paper, giclee, or canvas.  These are perfect for the individual, interior designers, or corporations.  We also provide digital files to the Licensing industry for the creation of new merchandise.

Additionally, images are stored as TIFFs at a minimum resolution of 300dpi and a size of 8×10 inches. The legal status of each image has been thoroughly researched and 90% of the collection is cleared for use in any application by an art attorney on staff at the Pierce Archive. The additional 10% have restricted uses and this information will be given upon requesting such images. A re-check of legal status will occur when each image is requested to ascertain there are no Trademarks or Copyrights which would encumber the image.