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Cattleya Nossiae

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One of the wonderful things about Cattleya species is that there is always one in bloom every day of the year and you come to associate each with a particular season. So when the days begin to lengthen and the sun grows stronger, you know the greenhouse or sun porch will soon be filled with one of the brightest, largest and loveliest rose-lavender cattleyas in nature’s storehouse, Cattleya mossiae. Springtime is Cattleya mossiae time. Much loved in its native Venezuela, C. mossiae was given the honor of being named the country’s national flower. This was quite an accomplishment, as Venezuela lays claims to eight Cattleya species including the impressive unifoliates, Cattleya leuddemanniana, Cattleya percivaliana, Cattleya gaskelliana and Cattleya jenmanii, and it speaks volumes for the people’s love of C.mossiae.