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The Whirling Crystal Cage: Thurston Kellar's successor

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The whirling crystal cage and mysterious production. Mr. Kellar says: 'Thurston will be the greatest magician the world has ever known. Howard Thurston (1869-1936) was born into an unhappy Ohio childhood, prompting him to run away and join the circus. There he met his future stage partner, Harry Kellar, a highly successful magician. Young Thurston was also deeply impressed by the magic talents of Alexander Hermann, and set his sights on surpassing his talents. Eventually Thurston became the most famous magician of his time, with a production so large it required eight train cars to transport his show from town to town. Masterful with playing card tricks, he became known as the King of Cards, and later bemused crowds with his grand illusions, such as the Whirling Crystal Cage depicted on this charming mini window card from 1908. Thurston managed to innovate over the years, and kept the road show alive until his passing in 1936.