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Monte Carlo Concours d'Aviation

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Masterfully executed poster by Grun showing a Japanese influence on French poster art of the era. Exemplified by strong diagonals of the Monte-Carlo Concours d’Aviation, the line of the plane’s wing stretching off into space echoes similar lines in Japanese prints, while the opposing diagonals of the plane’s rigging and landing gear create a counterpoint effect solely of Grun’s own invention. The stunning color palette, from the bold blue sky to the woman’s fiery red dress, speaks of the new freedom of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists that surrounded Grun. Jules-Alexandre Grün (25 May 1868 – 15 February 1934) was a French post-impressionist painter, poster artist, and illustrator. Grun's best known painting is called The Dinner Party, produced in 1911. It was, however, in the fields of poster art and illustration art, for which he was famous. He was employed at a large printing company in Paris and his artistic director was Jules Chéret.