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Brown Brothers Bicycles

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BROWN BROTHERS of 28 & 30 Great Eastern St, London, E.C. In the early 1900s, Brown Brothers were the largest wholesalers of Sun Fittings. The frames they produced were indistinguishable from the Sun factory originals (except for the absence of frame numbers). In March 1889, Albert and Ernest Brown rented the company’s first premises at no 7 Great Eastern St and began dealing in cycles, cycle spares and tools. In that same year, Dunlop patented and developed the pneumatic tyre. With the arrival of Starley’s Safety Bicycle in 1884 and, by 1990, practical tyres to replace the solid tyres previously used, bicycles suddenly became hugely popular. The 1890s were the cycle trade’s first boom years, and Brown Brothers were in an ideal position to capitalize. In 1891, they expanded into premises on the opposite side of Great Eastern St, which became their headquarters. In the following year they opened a branch in Paris, and many other branches followed. This poster is the advertising for their French branch. Also famous for the Vindec brand.