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I'm a Yiddish Cowboy: "Tough Guy Levi"

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Humourous enthnic sheet music of a Jew named Levy and his daliances with a native american woman. Probably based on Levi of the jeans company. There were real Jewish cowboys and a number of Years after this appeared in the Yiddish Theatre in New York, there was another real live pistol toting cowboy, a man named Levy became the bodyguard to Chang Kai Shek during the Chinese Revolution. Lyrics: Way out West in the wild and woolly prairie land, Lived a cowboy by the name of Levi, He loved a blue blood Indian maiden, And came to serenade her like a "tough guy" Big Chief "Cruller Legs" was the maiden's father, And he tried to keep Levi away, But Levi didn't care for ev'ry ev'ning, With his Broncho Buster, Giddyap! Giddyap! He'd come around and say. Levi said that he'd make the maiden marry him, And that he was sending for a Rabbi, The maiden went and told her father, He must not fight because she loved the "tough guy" "Cruller Legs" gave the "Pipe of Peace" to Levi, But Levi said I guess that you forget, For I'm the kid that smokes Turkish Tobacco, Get the Broncho Buster, Giddyap! Giddyap! Go buy cigarettes. Chorus Tough guy Levi, that's my name, and I'm a yiddish cowboy, I don't care for Tomahawks or Cheyenne Indians, oi, oi, I'm a real live "Diamond Dick" that shoots 'em till they die, I'll marry squaw or start a war, for I'm a fighting guy.

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