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La Libre Esthetique

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This poster, designed by Théo van Rysselberghe, advertises the fourth exhibition of the artists group 'La Libre Esthétique', held at the Musée Moderne, Brussels, from February to April 1897. The group was a part of the lively art scene in late 19th-century Brussels, where intellectuals and artists formed avant-garde groups such as 'Les-Vingt', of which van Rysselberghe was a founder member. He was mainly a painter, but also produced prints and designed posters. He was influenced by Impressionism, and Pointillism in particular, in the 1880s, and became a leading painter in the genre in Belgium. He gradually moved away from the style, and was later influenced by Art Nouveau, as seen in this image. La Libre Esthétique (French; "The Free Aesthetics") was an artistic society founded in 1893 in Brussels, Belgium to continue the efforts of the artists' group Les XX dissolved the same year. To reduce conflicts between artists invited or excluded, artists were no longer admitted to the society, thus all exhibitors were now invited.