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Fete de Neuilly

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Like most of the poster artists of his generation Ferdinano "Misti" Mifliez (1865-1923) was basically a painter who switched to the nascent medium of lithography because the popular new outdoor advertisers were looking for talent. He ultimately created a large number of posters for cycles, liqueurs and department stores. For several years in a row he also produced the posters for the Fete de Neuilly (or Fete a Neu-Neu), a festival in the neighborhood where he was living. This popular fair, which stretched from the Porte Maillot to the Seine, continued running through the 1960s. Misti, in his usual, classic style shows two very elegant women being followed around by a dandy. They are carrying goodies from the fair (candies, a rabbit, toys and two gigantic flowers), but that is clearly not what the "gentleman" is interested in. As Neuilly is located in the fashionable west side of Paris, the fair was generally attended by the upper classes, and this poster is clearly aimed at them.