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Known as the father of the modern poster, Jules Chéret (1836 – 1932) was a French painter and lithographer. He worked on everything from theater to advertising. Just by placing a dark area behind the figure and bathing her front in an orange glow. Cheret is able to suggest the cozy intimacy of a fireside scene to advertise this cool-tasting mint liqueur. Another subtle graphic touch is the way the woman's sleeve seems to form a nestling hood around her head. In 1976, Jean Get, a young chemist in the town of Revel in the Haute Garonne district near Toulouse, decided to create the ultimate creme de menthe, and gave his product a name which would remind the buyer of the English word "peppermint." The original Pippermint still accounts for some 70% of all the creme de menthe sales in France. The headquarters still remains in the founder's hometown.